“Placemaking is a collaborative process used to collectively rethink and reimagine community spaces.”

Project for Public Spaces

Why Placemaking?

Placemaking can cultivate…

Leaders who share talents

Social connections

Places to play and learn

New interests and skills

Community investment 


Placemaking creates spaces with vibrant social life; it builds community and quality of life.


Placemaking is typically associated with transforming cities into more livable places. Our founders took the process and started using it within rural affordable housing communities, transforming overlooked neighborhoods into beautiful, neighborly places that grow leaders and give people a purpose.


It often starts small and inexpensively, with flowers on porches or painted doors, for example. That can quickly turn into neighbors talking outside with each other for hours on front porches, marveling at how much better it looks and feeling a sense of ownership because they helped design the space. When people have been successful in negotiating ideas for small-scale improvements, they are preparing a foundation for larger improvements.