How did courthouses get on our list of places to grow?  It’s where housing residents become influencers. Their voices and ideas can shape the county’s plans.

Places To Grow shows people how speaking at the county courthouse can directly result in better housing.

In Williamson County, residents’ stories helped bring central air conditioning and back porch safety ramps and rails to their duplexes.

In Milam County, a formerly homeless resident boldly described two long years of being on the housing wait list and the transformative moment when she learned she was granted an apartment. She shared her story to help the next person who needs a home.

We help people build a legacy of purpose through civic engagement.

“After working with you to get grants for our neighborhood, I was inspired to help a friend get his house fixed. I helped him write the application, and he ended up getting over $70,000 in repairs donated.”

– A resident