Building Neighborly Places

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People are saying…

“It brought life to this little community. Before, we were all going our own way, and this made us want to do something together.” 

–A housing director

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Why Placemaking?

 Our founders are pioneers in using placemaking within small public housing communities, transforming overlooked neighborhoods into beautiful, neighborly places that grow leaders and give people a purpose.

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Get Involved!

Our work is made possible through strategic partnerships. We combine dollars with materials donations, volunteer hours, and expertise for the biggest possible impact. Learn how you can help! 

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Success Stories


“Don,” a recent widower, joined in the neighborhood cooking classes, eager to learn. He never expected to need a class like this, but was so grateful it was there for him.


“Mike” reconnected with his family by sharing photos of the woodworking gifts he made for neighbors and the mural he helped design in placemaking. When they saw how his life had turned around, his family arranged for him to move to their town. 


“Wendy” said she wanted nothing to do with gardening. To everyone’s surprise, she showed up at a plant giveaway and took home the only plant left–a sweet potato vine. Weeks later, her porch sported a vigorous vine.  Hers is now the neighborhood’s most diverse garden.